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Siraj Design, your Islamic Art shop. You can find unique pieces to bring joy and light to your homes. Bismillah !

About Mr Siraj

Mr. Siraj workshops are a friendly and holistic hub of artistic expression and creation, where one can find inspiration and beauty.

One can find a wide range of products, from hand-made works of art to masterpieces and bespoke lighting solutions. Each piece is created with utmost care and attention to detail, reflecting the beauty and intricacy of Arabic Calligraphy, forms and shapes that transmit the ancestral heritage of Islamic Art and Crafts into today's culture.

In a world where the beauty of the past is often forgotten, Mr. Siraj's workshops stand as a reminder of the unique and valuable artistic traditions of the Islamic world. Through his work, Mr. Siraj inspires others to celebrate the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Muslim world, and to carry it forward into the future with pride and dignity.

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